My Services

Rehabilitation Psychology

I specialize in rehabilitation psychology, pain psychology, and supporting people in their recovery after injury and/or with chronic medical conditions. Often people work with me to address experiences of trauma, grief, and loss. Evidence based treatments include the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I typically work in a brief-treatment model, with treatment lasting 2 to 12 appointments. This will depend on your needs and goals. We will make a treatment plan together during your first appointment. 

I am board certified in Rehabilitation Psychology, with over 10 years experience helping people who have chronic medical conditions, including chronic pain.  In addition to rehabilitation-related needs I enjoy helping people with physical and mental performance in activities such as physical training, running, rock-climbing, and mountaineering. 


I will meet with you to complete a psychosocial evaluation. This takes about 60 minutes.  Before the evaluation I will ask you to complete some paperwork and questionnaires. We will then met to discuss what you want help with. During our appointment we will create treatment goals together. It might also be helpful for me to collaborate with your other healthcare providers if you are OK with that.


I am credentialed with Regence and Premera. Patients can also self-pay.  Many insurance companies will accept receipts of service that you can submit for reimbursement. It is important that you find out exactly what mental health services are covered by your health insurance. Please note that some health plans offer a limited number of sessions, require pre-approval and/or require approval for additional sessions to be authorized. If you have questions about your policy call your plan administrator.  

My fees are:

Evaluation - $200.00

Therapy Appointment (45 minute) - $125.00 *Most common*

Therapy Appointment (30 minute) - $100.00

Therapy Appointment (60 minute) - $150.00

In circumstances of unusual financial hardship I may be willing to negotiate a fee adjustment based upon an established sliding scale fee structure. 

Payment for therapy will occur at the time of service. 


I enjoy teaching to groups and have run various patient-focused groups/workshops on topics including:

- Relaxation/Mindfulness Practices for Chronic Pain

- Chronic Pain and Stress Management

- Improving Sleep Without Medications

- Navigating Trauma, Grief, and Loss

Additionally I have taught classes and workshops for providers on topics including:

- Compassion and Preventing Burnout

- Use of Telehealth for Psychosocial Services

If you are interested in having me lead a class or workshop please email me at